MARRIAGE: Top 10 ways FaithHappenings enriches your marriage.

  1. Strengthens your soul with scripture and daily and weekly devotionals which will help you and your spouse be more connected.
  2. Connects you to a local church if you are looking for a place of worship and community.
  3. Lists Romantic Getaway locations where the two of you can go to rekindle the spark.
  4. Provides Upcoming Events listings for Marriage speakers and conferences.
  5. Gives you local serving opportunities that you and your spouse can do together to help your community or those in need.
  6. Provides listings of counselors and coaches for those times when things get tough.
  7. Hundreds of books and videos on a variety of topics, including marriage and family.
  8. Dozens of blogs, some on the topic of marriage, all meant to inform, entertain and enrich your life.
  9. Group listings for women and for men where each of you can connect with other people.
  10. Lists local camps that likely have Couple’s Weekends or are great places just to get away.